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(Auschwitz inscription)

Feb. 28, 2010
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Scorching to 99 degrees
It is always cold there

It is always gray there
Though the sun illuminates

We have never been there
It is indelible

It is almost forgotten
White stars sorrowfly emit

Inscribed in history books
It is a lesson unlearned

Is it redemptive?
As blood muddies the ground

Tears blind the scene
It is a haven for soundless birds

It is a roofless church
Prayers like smoke dissipate to the sky

The chosen lay buried there
It is no port for angels.

Elliot Lipchik was born, raised and educated in Brooklyn, New York, always with an avid interest in literature, but had no time to pursue these interests until he retired early from his position as Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. After his retirement, he began to write and study poetry at UWM.


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