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Field Notes for Niedecker

Mar. 21, 2010
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Parchment: 1
Something keeps and we ingress.

Parchment: 2
You have a very little poem. You arrange yard boats like hollow fossils.

Parchment: 3
This is natural for a peninsula.

Parchment: 4
Don’t let it come to this, an ego and a trailer. Pick up your pencil and erase all the Is.
If you were to speak the truth: a white mouse has prepared the forest for its dying.

Parchment: 5
Lake Koshkonong is natural for a peninsula.

Parchment: 6
Her letter states: ‘“A woman in Fort threw herself into the river off the bridge
one night last week. ‘She must have been insane,’ they said—you can’t help
but feel it must have been a lucid moment among patches of ice.”’

Parchment: 7
The moon is set to blink, to survey the natural peninsula.

Parchment: 8
        We understand immediately. There was a war.

Parchment: 9
Her letter states: “Only two or three things make the world…” This much you know.  

Parchment: 10
        The sora rail darts inward and subjective.

(Caroline Morrell's writing has appeared in Black Clock, Conjunctions, and Court Green, as well as numerous other publications. She is a recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for Poetry; Devine Fellowship for Creative Writing; and the Cora Owlett Latzer Award from The Academy of American Poets.)


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