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Number 9 Hard

All Lubed Up and Ready to Go (S.B.S.)

Mar. 22, 2010
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If emo is the emotionally effusive and tender offspring of hardcore punk, there should be a new word coined for Milwaukee's Number 9 Hard. Call them “inebrio.” They're all about their booze. And screwing. And, if the graphics of this 15-song assault on all things tasteful indicate any truth about them, junk food. They may use the circled anarchist “A” in their logo, but the extent of their personal politics stretches merely to grousing about dead-end jobs and nothing-to-do towns, or telling bothersome people to piss off.

Like some types of blues, one can take N9H either as heirs to tradition or tired as the day is long. This quartet's infusion of nimble ska makes them the scions of forebears such as Operation Ivy and Rancid. It also makes the profanity-laden blathering of these louts plenty catchy. And if you don't like that, they'd probably tell you to piss off, too.


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