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Hannibal Buress @ JD’s Comedy Café

March 18, 2010

Mar. 31, 2010
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The comedians at JD’s Comedy Café on Brady Street on March 18th rocked a holy triumvirate. A man that goes simply by the name Ole opened the show with some incite on gym etiquette and the homoerotic vibes from pushy receptionists. He set a good tone for the beginning despite the audience not really responding to his stories.

Geoff LaFleur, who once opened for Dave Chappelle, kept the show rolling with an opening joke about Facebook. Not to be fooled with countless hacks who have material about airline food and nagging mother-in-laws, LeFleur kept it fresh and edgy. A large part of his popularity in the night came from his on the fly jokes about Sean, a beardy, metal kid in the audience. Although he was a bit awkward at first, he found his groove mid-set. His best material came from his stories about giving a proper bro hug and having a mom fetish. He even made a few Milwaukee references that brought it all home.

By the time it came for the main act, the crowd was just jacked up enough for great comedy. Hannibal Buress, a writer for Saturday Night Live, has been getting noticed in the comedy community. With national comedy specials and late night television appearances, the Chicago native is holding his own as a slightly awkward, observational comic. His tangents are epic. His love of apple juice is uncompromised. Buress is the future.

He connected with the audience right away when he commented on the Humboldt bridge fiasco. Without a detour, he assumed you “ just had to figure it out.” Buress also had to deal with hecklers in the crowd, but instead of being local douche nozzles, it turned out to be his family from Chicago. On a few occasions he had to yell at his uncle for ordering his drinks too loud or messing up his set.

If that wasn’t hilarious enough, Buress filled everyone in on his uncomfortable encounter with a girl who loved puppets, David Bowie and one-track bikes…and he still tried to get laid. And of course he had to comment about his name. Being a name commonly associated with Hannibal Lecter, he received a giant laugh when he casually questioned why people don’t think of Hannibal from the A-Team.                        


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