Love Is Gone (Roadrunner Records)

Apr. 5, 2010
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Delivering on its title, Dommin’s Love Is Gone plays like a soundtrack for brokenhearted goths. Consider the leadoff track, in which fragile lead vocalist, guitarist and band namesake Kristofer Dommin sings, “My heart in your hands/Closing your grip/I’m so afraid that you’ll leave me cold” over a doomy claustrophobic arrangement worthy of serious fist-pumping. With long black locks that droop over the middle of his face, Dommin looks like an outcast from A Flock of Seagulls. But he fancies himself a modern-day Everyman, a tortured-heart victim of love who thanks “inspirational girlfriends” in Love Is Gone’s liner notes. His clear baritone and the band’s retro sound, which relies heavily on atmospheric keyboards and razor-sharp guitars, lend Dommin an updated Doors-meets-Depeche Mode vibe.

Although it feels too long at 15 songs and 51-and-a-half minutes, the haunting Love Is Gone drains more emotion from both the band and its listeners than lengthier, more complex albums.

Dommin will perform with HIM at The Rave on Saturday, April 10.


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