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Rick Miller

Falling Through Rainbows (Unicorn Digital)

Apr. 12, 2010
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A man out of time, Canada’s Rick Miller has composed, produced, performed and recorded since the early ’80s. But his fourth solo CD, Falling Through Rainbows, confirms that his real musical influences come from the ’70s. Featuring a fuzzy unicorn on its cover (which looks a tad too much like My Little Pony), this album takes plenty of inspiration from Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, Peter Gabriel and the Alan Parsons Project—all with a nod to modern prog via subtle Porcupine Tree references.

Miller plays guitar, bass and keys, and his singing voice sounds alternately like Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson and the Alan Parsons Project’s recently departed Eric Woolfson. With a handful of guests on percussion, flute, cello and violin, Miller has made a warm and dreamy record that could find a loyal, if not large, audience.


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