Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide

Apr. 9, 2010
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Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant

1850 N. Water St.

For the look and feel of an Irish pub there is little competition for the two-leveled Brocach. Beer flows freely form the taps and the interior always feels warm and cozy. There also is a substantial menu of things Irish, Scottish and beyond. A traditional Irish stew has a whole lamb shank, Scottish smoked salmon is accompanied with potato cakes. A ribeye steak has Cashel blue cheese butter and grouper is paired with couscous and a saffron cream sauce. (J.B.) $$-$$$. Credit cards: All major. Handicap access. 431-9009

County Clare

1234 N. Astor St.

County Clare is an inn with a pub and restaurant capturing the charm of Ireland. The many beers include delights such as Wexford cream ale. The menu features that Irish-American staple of corned beef. Look to the seafood for more varied flavors of the Emerald Isle, including steamed mussels and excellent smoked salmon. The menu is affordable and the setting pleasant. (J.B.) $$. CC: All. OD, FB. Handicap access. 272-5273

McBob’s Pub & Grill

4919 W. North Ave.

While there is something otherworldly about McBob’s traditional slow-cooked corned beef sandwiches, my visits have been more Milwaukee than Dublin. Leaving out the deep-fryer not only makes the meal healthier, but miraculously allows me to eat more fish! I never regret my choice the next morning, when some fish fries leave me wishing I had ordered the salad. (B.R.M.) $. CC: MC, VS. FF, FB. 871-5050

Mo’s Irish Pub

142 W. Wisconsin Ave., 272-0721

10842 W. Bluemound Road,


In the mood for a pint of Guinness? Have it with steamed mussels or perhaps a corned beef sandwich at this very authentic Irish pub. And perhaps a nip of Irish whiskey for dessert. The menu is filled with Irish standards. Of special note is a tasty beef stew and a classic shepherd’s pie. Boxties, huge Irish potato pancakes, are the house specialty. Very convenient to Downtown theaters and shopping. (J.B.) $$ CC: MC, VS, AmEx. FB, FF. Handicap access.

Mulligan’s Irish Pub & Grill

8933 S. 27th St.

The corn beef is lean and tasty, the lamb stew is tender and the fish & chips have a fine beer batter. The setting is casual with a bar room more pleasant than the dining room – more windows. Not all is Irish here. There are burgers, steak sandwiches and pizzas for lighter fare; and entrees like rotisserie chicken and a strip steak. Prices are moderate, even the steak under $20. The pub is a good distance from downtown Milwaukee but just a short distance from I-94. Enjoy a black & tan. (J.B.) $-$$.FB. CC: All major. Handicap access. 304-0300

Trinity Three Irish Pubs

125 E. Juneau Ave.

The former Brew City has been converted into a trio of interconnected Irish pubs, each with its own character. There are dark wooden booths and abundant stained lass at Foy’s, a whimsical outdoor dining terrace at Gallagher’s, and the cozy warmth of Duffy’s. The menu is the same at all with Irish specialties like stew, grilled steak tips and some creative Irish nachos. Servings tend to be plentiful and the prices moderate. Some evenings offer live entertainment. (J.B.) $$. CC: All major.

FB. OD. Handicap access. 278-7033


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