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Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide

Apr. 9, 2010
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5823 W. Burnham St.

Authenticity rules here from the ceviche Caribeno to the tacos of cochinita pibil—Yucatecan shredded pork. Beyond Mexico are popusas from El Salvador and encocado de camarones, a dish of shrimp and coconut milk from Ecuador. If you are looking for jumbo bean burritos and chicken enchiladas, head elsewhere. If you crave something different, Antigua is the place to go. (J.B.) $$. CC: MC,VS,DS. Handicap access. 321-5775

Charro Restaurante

729 N. Milwaukee St.

Charro offers a diverse Latin American menu with lots of sizzle. The bar is a popular weekend hot spot, but at other hours the restaurant predominates. Guacamole has the perfect texture and flavor. The ceviches have contemporary twists and are excellent. Tacos are found in many varieties, the tortillas are made here. Also included are Cuban specialties such as Arroz con pollo and ropa vieja. The quality is high combined with fine service—characteristics of restaurants that are far more expensive. (J.B.) $$-$$$. CC: All major. Handicap access. 431-5557

Charro Restaurante

17800 W. Bluemound Road

The menu at Charro’s second location in Brookfield is nearly identical to the one Downtown, but with one important difference: the Brookfield Charro is also open for lunch. The menu wanders through Spain and Latin America with ropa vieja from Cuba, a fine seafood paella from Spain, and gourmet tacos. (J.B.) $$-$$$. CC: All major. Handicap access. 431-5557

El Salvador Restaurant

2316 S. Sixth St.

A classic Salvadoran item is pupusas, corn cakes with a choice of filling that are grilled. Delicious! Salpicon is seasoned mince beef that is served at room temperature and with excellent homemade tortillas. Chicharron is con yucca chunks of pork meat that have been fried to a crisp served over yucca, a root tuber much like potato. (J.B.) $-$$ CC: All major. 645-1768


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