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Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide

Apr. 9, 2010
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1978 N. Farwell Ave.

The pizza oven at the revamped Abu’s may strike longtime patrons as a shocking concession to American taste—until they taste the pizza. Whole or by the slice, the crusty pizza is redolent of the Near East with its heavy topping of white cheese, tomatoes and choice of beef or chicken shawerma (similar to the more familiar gyros) or a variety of vegetarian toppings. Otherwise, the menu sticks to traditional dishes of the Eastern Mediterranean, prepared from scratch without mixes or microwave ovens. The falafel sandwich is a mouthful, a pocket pita tightly stuffed with ground, seasoned chickpeas, parsley and diced pickles and tomatoes. (D.L.) $-$$. CC: All major. RS. Handicap access. 277-0485


728 E. Brady St.

Casablanca’s bar has all of the fixings for smoke hookahs. The nonsmoking dining room has some of the best Middle Eastern food in these parts. Of special note are the stuffed grape leaves, chicken sumac and some truly exceptional schwarma. The weekday lunchtime vegetarian buffet is a great way for newcomers to explore the delightful menu. (J.B.) $$. CC: MC, VS. FB. Handicap access. 271-6000


2847 N. Oakland Ave.

Arabian nights (and lunches) are a pleasure to behold at this popular East Side spot for Middle Eastern cuisine. Vegetarians delight in the many meat-free appetizers; fans of chargrilled lamb, chicken and beef will find kebab plates filled past the brim. Freshly baked desserts include the highly recommended warbat, an Arabic custard-filled pastry. (J.B.) $$. CC: All major. FB, RS. Handicap access. 964-5475


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