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Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide

Apr. 9, 2010
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Mr. Perkins Family Restaurant

2001 W. Atkinson Ave.

Business at the long-standing, African-American soul food eatery rarely lulls, and with good reason. The food packs a hearty wallop to the gut. Mr. Perkins makes everything from chicken and mac ’n’ cheese to chitterlings and collard greens. (J.L.R.) $-$$. CC: Not accepted. 447-6660 

Tina’s Paradise

Soul Food Restaurant

6015 N. Teutonia

Don’t let Tina’s strip mall locale fool you into passing by some of the city’s tastiest African-American Southern eating. The small, clean, brightly lit eatery may put pork in much of its soul food menu (sandwiches are available, too), but “greasy” is the last word that should come to mind. The unique, tasty corn bread and sweet tea come close to paradise, too. (J.L.R.) $-$$. CC: Not accepted. 461-2221


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