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LGBT Clubs

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Apr. 9, 2010
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Art Bar

722 E. Burleigh St.

(414) 372-7880


Situated in Riverwest, Art Bar offers an eclectic hangout for the East Side’s LGBT crowd and their allies. Grab a $2 mystery beer and catch some of the live music offered several nights a week or attend Open Canvas Night, a great way to experience local art while taking back a few drinks. Art Bar is for those who are young at heart seeking a relaxing night out. (Jon Tingley)


819 S. Second St.

(414) 643-5843


If you’re looking for a relaxed, inexpensive spot to hang out, Fluid is just the place. With solid drink specials, including 2-for-1 Mondays, and special events like Hot Fudge Bingo, this is a hangout where everyone feels welcome. Located just next to the booming club scene of LaCage, Fluid is a welcome retreat for low-key guys and girls looking for a drink after work. (J.T.)

Harbor Room

117 E. Greenfield Ave.

(414) 672-7988


The Harbor Room is like a corner bar with gays. The “half-price drinks if you take off your shirt” deal is what sets this dive apart. The Harbor Room is a friendly, low-key place to grab a few drinks and hang out with the bears. If you’re an open-minded guy looking for a relaxed atmosphere and cheap drinks, check out the Harbor Room. (J.T.)


801 S. Second St.

(414) 383-8330


A night at LaCage is like getting three bars for the price of one. Etc., with its streaming videos and chill atmosphere on the first floor, offers a relaxed scene, while LaCage’s giant dance cage on the second floor is sure to cause a few gasps, and the recently added Montage Lounge provides fun times on the spacious third floor. Female impersonation shows every Friday and a wide variety of special performances keep the entertainment fresh. (Emilee Weier)

Walker’s Pint

818 S. Second St.

(414) 643-7468


Despite its rustic atmosphere, this is not The Uptowner for lesbians. At Walker’s Pint, unless part of the “in crowd,” your existence is ignored by everyone but a friendly, attentive bartender. Clientele is roughly 90% lesbian (ages 21-55) and 10% younger gay men taking a break from LaCage or Fluid. Music from Black Eyed Peas to Journey to Johnny Cash plays at a conversation-friendly volume. It’s a nice place to be left alone while conversing with your girlfriend. (Nevenka Crnojevich)

Photo: Art Bar | by Dave Zylstra


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