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Monotonix w/ Call Me Lightning, Terrior Bute and Centipedes

Tonight @ Bay View American Legion Hall, 6 p.m.

Apr. 20, 2010
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The American record label Drag City signed the eccentric Israeli garage-rock group Monotonix largely on the strength of the group’s wild live show, but you can’t say the group didn’t work for it. Any given show might find singer Ami Shalev swinging from rafters, dropping trou, surfing the crowd, chugging beer from a shoe, singing from atop a toilet or literally breaking a leg, as he did while performing earlier this year. The group’s debut album, last year’s Where Were You When It Happened?, does its best to capture this madness. Tonight’s performance coincides with the release of the band’s new 7-inch, Never Died Before / Lazy Boy, which they recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago.


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