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Demetri Martin @ The Pabst Theater

April 24, 2010

Apr. 27, 2010
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Demetri Martin delivered a classic musical, educational and freaking hysterical set at The Pabst Theater on April 24. The shaggy-haired, man boy busted out the large sketch pad and a tiny guitar, as well as some sweet piano accompaniment to give everyone a little insight into the mind of a lunatic.

For the first timer in the audience, Martin takes some time getting used to. There seems to be no line of logic, and his stream of consciousness is all over the place. He is a sort of non-coked out Mitch Hedberg. Don’t worry if you don’t understand how a lost cap is like cancer for a marker, or man’s only real force field is a fart. After a while his lists of ways to propose to a lady and ways to end an awkward silence will make total sense. By the end you realize that he is just harmlessly twisted with his pointer and blue hoody.

Martin’s guitar and harmonica combo really set the mood for his completely random one-liners:

“At a battle of the bands, the loser is always the audience.”

“I think it’s really cool when ex-girlfriends become XL girlfriends.”

He even went into personal romance preferences when he explained in detail what a BFB is: Boyfriend Bomb. Apparently it’s all about timing. Ladies, don’t bust it out right away, but don’t wait until you’ve lured him in. Fellas, well, figure it out. You learn something new everyday. At the very least, every audience member took away the knowledge to just abort the mission.

It got real intimate when he asked the audience to request jokes they wanted to hear. With some old and some super old, it was like hearing a band play the classics. The encore was an enjoyable walk down memory lane, ending with a down to earth story session about trying to work a Michael Jackson “Beat It” jacket into his wardrobe and an explanation of his procrastination defying, life points system. It’s a rare thing when a comedian takes a minute to work some shit out with the audience.

Despite being screwed over by Comedy Central because of creative differences on his show “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” his moment in the spotlight has only made him more popular. His starring role in the movie Taking Woodstock didn’t hurt either. We have nothing but more to look forward to from Mr. Martin.

Photo by Erik Ljung


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