Tonight @ The Riverside Theater, 7:30 p.m.

Apr. 29, 2010
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Although they have sold more than 6 million albums in their quarter-century together, Cali-punk institutions NOFX have made a point to stay out of the mainstream by avoiding music videos and taunting the hands that feed. Their most infamous single, “Please Play This Song on the Radio,” culminates in a torrent of profanity. The group long ago dropped pretenses of being a serious hardcore band, instead settling on a jocular skate-punk sound, but between all the silly party songs on their latest album, 2009’s Coaster, singer Fat Mike opens up for some of his most confessional lyrics ever. On “My Orphan Year” he sings of his parents’ deaths in earnest terms, then addresses addiction on “I Am an Alcoholic,” the rare NOFX song that demonizes intoxicants instead of celebrating them.


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