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Chazz Dixon

Love Notes (Da'Soul Recordings)

May. 10, 2010
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Prolific Milwaukee adult R&B/smooth jazz crooner Chazz Dixon delivers another set of sensuality and sentimentality with Love Notes. Deceptively minimal production by J brings to mind the softer side of ’80s soul, made for seduction and (on the mid-tempo numbers) dancing. Dixon's yearning tenor brings Smokey Robinson to mind, yet there's enough individuality here to stave off accusations of cloning. One might wonder whether the occasional song of romantic disappointment and paean to a lost loved one should be recorded in the same lover-man aural mode that Dixon keeps throughout the rest of the album. He might do well to seek out producers other than J to add a varied complement to his fine instrument, but this addition to his catalog should keep him in good stead among longtime fans.


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