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Norm McDonald @ The Pabst Theater

May 7, 2010

May. 10, 2010
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On Friday May 7th, Milwaukee welcomed to the Pabst Theater a Saturday Night Live alum, a movie man and that guy that does voice-over work sometimes—Norm McDonald. He looks, well…different, but his comedy was as fresh as ever.

It’s been a long times since Norm McDonald was behind the old “Weekend Update” desk, and one might think his comedy is probably outdated. But his gratuitous use of the “F” word and ten minute-long rant about masturbation showed that he isn’t rusty in his old age. Not that he’s old—on the far end of 40—but Billy Madison did come out 15 years ago.

He started by pacing back and forth for a while, buttoned his shirt wrong, corrected it and then went into a story about a meteorologist. This was followed by why he isn’t afraid of monsters anymore, and how there was a piece of pork stuck in his teeth.

“The point is this. I wish I had points,” he said after getting a bit off track.

If you listened closely, you could follow his line of logic. There is no difference between a wolfman and a werewolf, ghosts aren’t scary because you can put your hand through them and “women love vampires like babies love stray dogs.”

Then he went on another ramble about suicide and whacking off, Lee Majors, cannibalism, land mines, pork (again) and Tiger Woods. His constant talking and stream of consciousness was golden. Even when he would forget what he was talking about or lose track of which direction he was going in, his shit was priceless.

“Oh I don’t know. It’s all the same gibberish. Fuck it,” he said, after trying to figure out if he was talking about cannibalism before he got on the land mine kick. He even got a little political when he talked about Obama and his plan for solving the countries problems.

“Hey, that didn’t work out. I know ‘cause it was hope.”

And, of course, he ended with the dirty stuff. He started talking about internet porn and how our standards for perverse content is getting higher and higher. But then it moved on to foot fetishes and the proper way to ease into pulling a sneak attack on your lover’s feet.

“I got all dirty,” he said after 15 minutes of fetish talk. “I didn’t think I would be dirty. I should have said other stuff.”

Then in typical Milwaukee fashion, people started calling out bits they wanted to hear. He complied with one and busted out a good old-fashioned Bob Uecker impression. The man loves his “F” words.

The show opener Prescott Tolk was a good laugh too. He got the audience’s attention right away with a Chicago reference. After some boos, he talked about his last time in Milwaukee during Harley Fest. His first jokes about construction, airports and cops were a bit tired, but he soon freshened up when he talked about his girlfriend.

“I’m very excited. I just got my girlfriend a nipple ring because Beyonce said if you like it, you should put a ring on it.”

From there, the New Jersey native got dirty for a while until he moved on to emphatic Starbucks employees. This up and coming anecdotal comedian and writer is someone to keep an eye on.


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