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Midori Fusion Japanese Restaurant Stands Out

Short Orders

May. 18, 2010
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Japanese restaurants are becoming more common in Milwaukee—seemingly every neighborhood has one. Too often, however, the menus feature the same options for tempura, teriyaki and sushi. One restaurant that breaks the mold is Midori Fusion (11002 N. Port Washington Road). The Japanese restaurant, located in a Mequon strip mall, is on the small side, with only a handful of seats at the sushi bar. But several of the menu items will be unique. Takoyaki, described as octopus dumplings, are like fritters, round balls the size of falafel. The chalkboard recently offered ankimo, two round pieces of monkfish garnished with seaweed, sesame seed, grated daikon radish with soy sauce, and a bit of citrus ponzu sauce. Though the restaurant is small, Midori manages to keep its edge when it comes to Japanese food.


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