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Fresh Cut Collective

Fresh Cut Collective (Uni-Fi Records)

May. 21, 2010
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Fresh Cut Collective, comprised of seven artists with extensive histories with other Milwaukee bands, play music live that otherwise would be presented using either pre-recorded sounds or a combination of that and, say, a couple of live players. This album is live music restoration, taking music back from otherwise programmed stuff and playing in unified and startling new ways. It turns what otherwise would be the dead sound of electronic gizmos at work into live performance.

Having already made an impact on the local scene in concert, it is now time to have it on compact disc in 11 tracks of music that capture living music again after hip-hop’s mechanical demise. No machines are running.

These musicians are pacing the rim of a new idiom that sounds improvised but is not, sounds programmed but is not and sounds like a fresh cut at collective artistry that is dance, narrative, tumbling and contemplative, and shaking bone tune mania instead of sampling tone misery.

Debut album release party: May 29 at Mad Planet; free albums with cover charge of $10, and five other bands on the bill.


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