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Day 4 of Nine (Brand X Recordings)

Jun. 7, 2010
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Is Lovanova like Booker T. & The M.G.'s for prog rockers? Or prog rock for those still hung over from the ’90s lounge revival? Milwaukee punk and noise alum Paul "Evil" Kneevers calls his latest band's style “lounge prog rock.” It's a fitting designation for Lovanova and the monstrous tones of Kneever’s Hammond organ. The nine instrumentals on the group's debut flit from bachelor pads heavy on leopard print and tiki lights to the spacious domains befitting Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Focus. Not far from either venue stands a soul revue with optional go-go dancers. If the concept seems a bit schizoid, that mighty keyboard keeps it all together. The interplay of guest flute and sax on a couple of pieces adds to the fun of music where "metal" needn't follow "heavy," and  "lounge" isn't synonymous with "kitsch."

Lovanova performs on the Lakefront Brewery Stage at Locust Street Days on June 13.


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