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Eric Blowtorch

Groping in the Dark (Simmerdown Productions)

Jun. 7, 2010
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The latest vinyl from Milwaukee's white socialist/pacifist reggae emissary is an electro treat with Chinese dulcimer and pots ’n ’ pans ’n ’ paint buckets programmed among the synths. It finds our man mixing romance and social conscience in a way only a guy with his particular convictions could. The other three cuts on the 10-inch single rework the same song various ways, with two of them featuring the wisdom and party-starting abilities of Blowtorch heroes and original-school Jamaican DJ toasters U-Roy and Prince Jazzbo. The “riddim” bounces with enough sprightliness that it would be a treat to hear it used by other acts. That kind of appropriation is not only common in the genre Blowtorch enjoys, but would be a credit to his tunefulness.


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