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Mr. Churro’s Mexican Bakery

Short Orders

Jun. 21, 2010
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Walk into Mr. Churro (2333 W. National Ave.) and discover a Mexican bakery. You will find flans, pastries and, of course, churros—Mexico’s answer to the donut. Mr. Churro also offers a side dining area, which is usually busy. Breakfast attracts an early-morning crowd, as the doors open at 6 a.m. Regardless of the time of day, the menu is basic and food is served on plastic plates (but the prices are accordingly cheap). The pork tamales are very good and the $1.25 tacos offer nine different choices of meat. Birria is a specialty here, and versions of this Jalisco specialty are made with goat, beef or chicken. Most of the signage is in Spanish, but the menu is fully translated. Beer is available as well.


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