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Eyedea and Abilities

Tonight @ the Stonefly Brewery - 10:00 PM

Mar. 7, 2008
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Perhaps it’s Eyedea’s chameleon-like ability to adapt that made him such a successful freestyle battle champion early in his career. The Twin Cities rapper is as equally adept at playing the role of the jocular rabble-rouser as he is the stern, introspective backpack rapper or the infuriated, politically minded poet. His flow morphs to match the subject matter. It can be sly and slippery or haughty and authoritative. With DJ Abilities, Eyedea has cut a pair of albums for Minnesota’s Rhymesayers label, and although the last one came out in 2004, the duo began touring again late last year, debuting new material and inciting talk of a 2008 follow-up. Eyedea and Abilities headline a 10 p.m. show at the Stonefly Brewery tonight with Universal Mind, OxFunk Audio and the King Hell Bastards opening.


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