Tonight @ the UWM Union Theatre

Mar. 7, 2008
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Mafioso, a gorgeously shot black-and-white 1962 mafia film with a dark sense of humor, screens at the UWM Union Theatre at 7 and 9 p.m. tonight. The film follows a factory foreman who, after receiving a favor from the local don, is asked to perform a hit for mafia. As the slightly absurd plot suggests, Mafioso is lighter in tone than the mob movies that would follow—particularly The Godfather—but it’s still an interesting, early example of the genre that should appeal to film buffs (or “Sopranos” fans looking to get their mob fix in whatever form they can find).


The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case to determine if Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting maps are too partisan. Do you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will order Wisconsin to redraw our legislative maps so the majority of legislative districts are competitive and voters will actually have a real choice between a Democrat and Republican?

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