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Collections of Colonies of Bees

Thursday, March 13th @ The Hideout – 10:00 PM

Mar. 7, 2008
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In 1998 Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller formed Collections of Colonies of Bees as an outlet to explore traditional folk/bluegrass instrumentation combined with modern process and technology. The subsequent self-titled document was released on the UK label The Rosewood Union, and was the first in a string of evolving, exploratory works; each very different, but all with the unifying thread of Rosenau’s intricate guitar lines. This string includedRance, the surreal electronics of fa.ce (a, and the stunning vocal and pedal steel centered Meyou. In 2003 the group began it’s steady procurement of members, enlisting Jon Minor to contribute to the dense blow out ep Stuck. The following year, the group signed to Polyvinyl Records, who were interested in what Chris and Jon had been up to since their work in the group Pele. Adding a fourth member, Jim Schoenecker, they gave the label 2/3 of the recordings of Customer, which was, according to the label, “the most ambitious project they had undertaken.” Spanning two continents and 3 formats, this release was an absolute mind-melter of electronic and acoustic odd rock. In 2006 the Bees reconstituted itself as a powerhouse live group, adding Thomas Wincek and Daniel Spack to help articulate a dynamic attack of sonic maximalism. Now, they’re preparing their next release for Table of the Elements Records based on their bombastic live sound where Rhys Chatham and Arnold Dreyblatt meet pop. Where did the folk/bluegrass go? It’s still there. You just can’t hear it anymore…


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