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Trimming Pubic Hair

Do women like men to trim their pubic hair?

Jul. 9, 2010
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Do women like men to trim their pubic hair?

You could be asking two different things: 1) Do women prefer that their male partners have trimmed or groomed pubic hair, or 2) Do women enjoy having a partner trim their own pubic hair for them?

While pubic hair removal creams, waxes and razors have been marketed to women for decades, male pube grooming entered our social consciousness rather recently. When Samantha used an electric shaver to trim her partner's pubic hair during a “Sex and the City” episode, it was considered unusual, but now it's not uncommon for salons to offer a "back, crack and sack" waxing package for male customers.

Just as with female pubic hair, whether someone prefers their male partner to be all-natural, lightly groomed or completely bare is a matter of personal taste. Some people find that pubic hair gets in the way during oral sex, or that their short-and-curlies get caught in cock rings or other toys. Others may find the natural odors and pheromones that are trapped by pubic hair to be very arousing. If you are unsure what your partner prefers and are willing to change your normal grooming routine for her or him, just ask what they like.

Regarding the second interpretation of your question, some women (and men) do indeed enjoy having a partner trim their pubic hair; this can be a highly erotic act. For some, trimming or shaving a partner can be a part of foreplay. For others, it can be part of dominant/submissive role-play. If one person prefers their partner to have groomed pubes, but said partner hates doing the trimming, then sharing the shaving responsibilities can be a compromise. I previously wrote a column that contained advice for shaving a partner with minimal irritation, which you can read here.

As with all erotic activities, some women may find groomed pubes (either their own or their partners') exciting and attractive, and others may not. It really depends on the individual.

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Laura Anne Stuart has a master’s degree in public health and has worked as a sexuality educator for more than a decade. She owns the Tool Shed, an erotic boutique on Milwaukee’s East Side.


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