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Aimless Blades

Tonight @ Zad's Roadhouse

Mar. 8, 2008
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Milwaukee’s Aimless Blades are doing their part to keep rock ’n’ roll alive and in the moment with their fourth CD, Rara Avis. Released on Madison’s famed Boat Records, the album features guitar riffs of surging melancholy over solid yet forward rolling rhythms, and features echoes of swampy Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Stooges‚ serrated psychedelia, Bob Dylan’s husky twang, and even the stately folk rock of Fairport Convention. The Aimless Blades play an 8 p.m. release show for the album tonight at Zad’s Roadhouse, as part of a lineup including The Poem Tones, The Carolinas, The Snowbirds, Chris DeMay & The Threshers, Peder Hedman Quartet, Juniper Tar and The Javelinas.


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