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O, Revolution

Aug. 1, 2010
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All counter revolutionaries are asked to leave
The party. All revolutionaries must wash hands. All circuits
Are currently busy and all I got was this lousy need
Le. In my all. The revolution deposits

Us back at the start, like all revolutions all tuckered out all opposed? Abstentions? And
The motion passes away in its sleep. But at this rate
Of interest, the revolution runs unaffordable for any povert
Of your tax bracket. United we stand

For nothing. Divided we f
All. 4 1 Achtung, Achtung. All revolutionar
Ies to the throne must report to their supervisors at once, like a dog returneth
To his master's tools. I learned to love going in circles on care

O-cells, learned to love chasing my tail in Fall. The revolution, in all, will be
And if you dismantle the masterpiece? Will that be all?

Nick Demske lives in Racine, Wisconsin, and works there at the Racine Public Library.  He was awarded the 2010 Fence Modern Poets Series prize for a self-titled manuscript that will be published in fall of 2010.  He is a curator of the BONK! Performance series and is an editor of the online venue boo: a journal of terrific things.  Visit him sometime at   nickipoo.wordpress.com


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