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Korean Lettuce Wraps at Seoul

Short Orders

Sep. 1, 2010
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Lettuce wraps have become quite the trend at Chinese and Thai restaurants. Indeed, it is nearly mandatory to order them at P.F. Chang’s. They are also a tradition at Korean restaurants, especially those that specialize in tabletop barbecues. Milwaukee’s lone restaurant solely devoted to Korean food is the aptly named Seoul (2178 N. Prospect Ave.). Seoul does not have tabletop barbecues, so the best time to try Korean lettuce wraps is at the lunch buffet. The lettuce wraps are called “ssam.” The buffet has a large stack of lettuce leaves, so take a few and be creative. Start with some meat—there is always beef bulgogi and spicy pork—and then head to the condiments. You will find cabbage, daikon kimchee and milder veggies like bean sprouts. Consider adding a bit of steamed rice, wrap the lettuce into a roll, and enjoy. (This has the added advantage of lightening up the meat—the spicy pork is especially rich on its own.) Seoul may be Milwaukee’s only Korean restaurant, but it also happens to be a very good one.


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