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owners will give to get rid of you & good place to catch a train

by Patrick Moran

Sep. 19, 2010
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you are an embarrassment

they have guests who would disapprove


you remind the woman of someone

they have a reputation to uphold


you make promises

they have no reason to believe


you make the man angry with the woman

they don't look at each other


you notice her hands

they are bruised

good place to catch a train


this is when direction

doesn’t matter

when time

doesn’t matter

only that you put

fields forests and towns

between you

and where you were

between you

and what you were

the faster you move

away from it

the smaller it becomes

even your memories

of the woman sleeping

of the child sleeping

of the note’s promise

when she could look

for your return

Patrick Moran's poems, essays, and translations have appeared in numerous journals include Crazyhorse, The New Republic, The Writer's Chronicle, and Hunger Mountain. His book, "Tell a Pitiful Story," will be published next year. He is currently an associate professor in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


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