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Distil: Milwaukee Street’s Newest Hot Spot

Short Orders

Oct. 13, 2010
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It is easy to walk right past Distil, the newest hot spot at 722 N. Milwaukee St., with its simple signage on a narrow, windowless brick faade. But walk in and you will find a long bar, a row of double tables and dark, coppery color tones that nod to the ultimate speak-easy. Distil is the creation of Mike Polaski, the owner of other nearby properties like Carnevor and Umami Moto. Instead of beer, this is the place to order the hard stuff. Try one of the crafted cocktails like the Apt. 137, which blends huckleberry vodka with ginger juice, lemon sorbet and blueberry nectar. The heirloom tomato daiquiri is another mixologist work of art. The food offerings are focused on fine cheeses and cured meats. Try a flight of distinguished blue cheeses followed with lardo and organic prosciutto. Everything is top shelf. Your evening may not be cheap, but it will be memorable.


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