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Riverwest Stein

Best Beer for Snobs Pretending Not to Be Beer Snobs

Oct. 20, 2010
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Not every beer outing calls for a fedora hat, double pinky rings and the loud proclamation that you “only drink imports served between 46 and 46.5 degrees Fahrenheit,” but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your discerning taste at home. Those looking to enjoy a quality craft beer while avoiding the tag of beer snob turn to Lakefront Brewery’s Riverwest Stein. The aroma of hops mixes with a floral character in this brilliant amber pour, but this brown-bottled delight also carries the street cred of Riverwest indies and the Lakefront Brewery—allowing you to blend in like a beer-snob ninja. Better yet, you’re supporting a local brewer with strong Milwaukee roots.


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