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Riverwest Co-op Café

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant

Oct. 20, 2010
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Milwaukee’s vegans and vegetarians—with their low cholesterol, radiant complexions and sustained energy—love the Riverwest Co-op Café for its creative breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that boast a wealth of reasonably priced made-to-order meals. The café serves local and organic foods produced by small businesses, but because the co-op isn’t motivated by profit, customers aren’t forced to spend their whole paycheck for some healthy sans-animal food. Located in a refurbished Schlitz tied house tucked away in the Riverwest neighborhood, the Riverwest Co-op Café isn’t just a place to get your veg on, but also a place to connect with others of like mind.

Riverwest Co-op Café
733 E. Clarke St.


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