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Two Door Cinema Club

Tourist History (Glassnote)

Oct. 26, 2010
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Northern Irish teen jangle rockers Two Door Cinema Club want to make you get on the dance floor by reminding you of other bands that already have made you move. Jittery, mellifluous West African guitar lines and polyrhythm appear to have come from Vampire Weekend. Less fidgety dance-punk sensibilities could have been cribbed from Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and their ’80s predecessors in wedding-rock aggression with strobe-lit danceability.

Vocals by Alex Trimble fit comfortably between passion and politeness, placing his band in the twee spectrum somewhere around Belle & Sebastian and The Cure's more easygoing side. Within all that the trio fits synthesizers that are often woven so organically into the mix as to be nearly imperceptible. Two Door Cinema Club comes close to an original sound—enough so that the group is worth at least a second hearing.


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