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Ah Yes, The Turf

Nov. 14, 2010
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Fondling a treatment brochure
as if fondling yourself

No spotlight on no freebird
no shirt off in no yard

You want to like it like it’s
what you like to like

Like boring is a business & you
its custodial customer

Homemade baskets cradle baskets
Each prison breaks to be alone

Hustling the vein doctor
as if hustling yourself

We can repeat this as long
as it fakes

Repeat this like the sound
of one hand shaking

unechoed in a see-through stall

Andrew Koszewski is a graduate of the Poetry program at Columbia College Chicago and the author of the chapbook Get Treated! (Leaky Pillow Press, 2010). Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, he now lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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