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Renewing the Countryside-Wisconsin

(University of Wisconsin Press), edited by Jerry Hembd, Jody Pad

Mar. 19, 2008
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The next time you wish you lived anywhere but here, pick up Renewing the Countryside-Wisconsin, read a few pages and change your mind in a hurry. These 39 short pieces, written by several different authors and complemented by stunning fullcolor photography, profile hardworking individuals, organizations and businesses in the state that are blazing trails in sustainable and organic agriculture, environmentally responsible business practices and homegrown solutions to the challenges facing rural economies and communities. SoutheasternWisconsin is represented by Milwaukee’s Growing Power, which teaches urban kids about fresh food; the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, which spearheads training programs in organic, sustainable and biodynamic farming; and Elkhorn’s organically managed Krusen Grass Farm. Despite the flowery prose, many of the profiles provide enlightening insight into some fellow Wisconsinites who are leading admirable lives of ecological awareness.


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