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Counting Crows

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (Geffen)

Mar. 19, 2008
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The Counting Crows sure know how to create a fun and exciting weekend with their latest release, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. The six-piece band, which includes frontman and songwriter Adam Duritz, David Bryson, Jim Bogios, Charles Gillingham, Dan Vickery and David Immerglck, delivers nothing less than absolute perfection. Pick this record up on a Friday night and you’ll need to call in sick to work on Monday morning after listening to this immaculately arranged album all weekend long. These men not only play music, they listen carefully to the world around them. Duritz’s gift for writing lyrics shines brighter than ever in the moving, poetic and extremely beautiful “When I Dream of Michelangelo.” “Cowboys” kicks out desirous and addicting rock riffs that will leave fans hungry and craving more. And the final track, “Come Around,” wrapped inside the touch of a warm, electric folk vibe, reminds the listener to find a ray of light after every storm.

If this happens to be the last album by Duritz and his group of extremely talented musicians, they’ll be leaving listeners happy while walking away at the top of their game.


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