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Mary Ann Miller

Legendary Celtic Harp Music

Dec. 6, 2010
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It's something of a shame that local Celtic harpist Mary Ann Miller didn't make Legendary a DVD as well as a CD. To see her nimble fingers gliding and plucking across the strings could make the 16 tracks presented here even more mesmerizing. Still, her take on these mostly public domain pieces enthralls with the folky soulfulness she adds to songs both familiar and obscure. Miller would also do well to let herself sing more; the one time she engages her alto, she adds another appealing dimension to the masterful artistry that keeps her consistently employed about town. The next Irish Fest isn't for a while now, but this disc will keep lovers of the Emerald Isle in the proper mood for some time.

CD release party Dec. 9 at Brocach.


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