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Pacific Produce: Milwaukee’s Asian Supermarket

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Dec. 8, 2010
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Milwaukeeans eagerly awaited the opening of Pacific Produce (5455 S. 27th St.), an Asian supermarket located in a building that once housed a Kohl’s grocery store. It is by far the largest Asian market this side of Chicago. Among the wide variety of produce are large pomelos, tamarind from Thailand and rambutans. Pomelos are similar to grapefruit, but a bit sweeter. A rambutan resembles a lychee, though it is larger with hints of raspberry flavor—a tropical treat. The seafood counter offers live lobsters, Dungeness crabs and king mackerel steaks. At the meat counter, whole duck really means the whole duck, complete with feet, head and beak. Pacific Produce is an amazing store, with every type of noodle imaginable. If you’re hungry, a small food court offers a Thai carryout place and Banh Mi Nhu Y. Banh mi sandwiches are the Vietnamese equivalent of fast food. The banh mi thit nuong provides delicious pieces of grilled pork with marinated daikon, carrot, cucumber, cilantro and mayo. Banh mi bit tet is a Vietnamese version of a Philly cheesesteak. Prices are very inexpensive—an egg roll is just a buck.


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