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Ikarus Down

The EP

Dec. 13, 2010
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The sonic adventure of mid-period Radiohead, the heart of Incubus' best and the fancies of pretense that endear fans to 30 Seconds to Mars come together in a highly marketable sound on the Milwaukee group's six-song CD. They mingle compassion and concern for others with ennui and the kind of navel-gazing that might be expected from a band with their influences and mythologically minded name. When they really get to rocking, it's easy to imagine them getting a club full of college kids out of their seats and on the dance floor. Very likely they have greater goals in mind. Blessed already with nationally competitive production values thanks to their co-production with J. Christopher Hughes, Ikarus Down may well have it in them to fulfill some of their grander dreams with an equally strong full-length release and a little spit ’n’ polish. So long as they don't fly too close to the sun, they should do all right.


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