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T.J. Aliota’s Decadent Burger

Short Orders

Dec. 15, 2010
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Though it lies in the city of Milwaukee, T.J. Aliota’s is easier to reach from Whitefish Bay (261 E. Hampton Road, at the intersection of Hampton and Santa Monica in a small strip mall). Half of the place is a popular bar, while the other half is a casual restaurant serving sandwiches and a Friday fish fry. Prices are moderate to begin with, but lunch offers a deal that cannot be beat: A half-pound Black Angus burger with a choice of fries or homemade tater tots is just $4. The fine-quality meat is tender and juicy. Cheese costs extra ($1.50), but if you splurge you’ll get a burger topped with an abundance of blue cheese. It all adds up to one truly decadent sandwich—no wonder the bar is so busy, even in midday.


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