Dec. 26, 2010
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I am ecstatic how your veined word popsicle slips into my peachy distance in strawberry film.  You come in a fingernail dream, slippery and factual.  Clamorous is your home in the cats and cardboard boxes; I intend to visit but haven’t a carriage for my soggy syllables.  Invent transportation fit for alligators; I would eat a man at the edge of my river.  If you’re stranded drowning in your swamp I shall board an orca for a quick shark escape before supper.  It is the left side of your back, the pyramids of Giza and the Nile which flows south to north.  Terrible my head should land above Jupiter and yours in the inner space.  Explore my terrain for indications of aliens domesticating large animals.  When I see you next we’ll certainly tuck our flannel shirts in excitement.  Call me Cleopatra, you know I like it more than asteroids.


Aimee Sellon grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and has lived in Milwaukee for five years.  Among her favorite poets are Robert Creeley and Frank O'Hara.


Given his political beliefs and past comments about women, is Judge Neil Gorsuch too out of touch with the mainstream to serve on the Supreme Court?

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