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Leah Dobkin Captures ‘Soul of a Port’

Local author to discuss lively, well-researched work at Next Chapter Bookshop

Jan. 10, 2011
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Every day a sea of Milwaukeeans passes by the 2300 block of South Lincoln Memorial Drive, the site of the Port of Milwaukee, but few city residents are aware of its rich history or its bustling modern-day functions and importance to the city. Local writer Leah Dobkin has invested years in researching the port and illustrates her findings in a new book, Soul of a Port:The History and Evolution of the Port of Milwaukee.A story that began as an article for Milwaukee Magazine, this full-length work details the port’s bygone times as well as the monumental impact it continues to have on the vitality of Milwaukee, including its positive economic benefits for thousands of local workers and local businesses.

Dobkin, a Shorewood resident who has lived close to Lake Michigan for many years, provides readers with more than a mere account of the port’s construction; her writing creates vivid portraits of the individuals who have given the port its legacy. Dobkin’s vast knowledge of the Port of Milwaukee and her detailed descriptions of the local shipping industry of both today and yesteryear make Soul of a Port an engaging and enthralling chronicle that will captivate Milwaukeeans and non-residents alike.

Dobkin is a free-lance writer who has contributed to local, national and international publications. She will visit Next Chapter Bookshop on Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. to discuss Soul of a Port:The History and Evolution of the Port of Milwaukee.


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