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Milwaukee Common Council Endorsements


Mar. 26, 2008
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On April 1, Milwaukee voters can select candidates who have the Shepherd’s endorsements because they would be most likely to best represent our readers’ interests. These candidates would fight hard for the city’s revitalization while looking out for the cost to city taxpayers, advocate for mass transit solutions that not only serve city residents and workers but also link the city to the surrounding area, ensure that all residents are treated fairly and equally by the city, and believe that the city of Milwaukee’s assets—man-made and natural—are worthy of protection.

Ashanti Hamilton Has Earned Another Term
The Shepherd endorses Ashanti Hamilton in the First District because he has shown intelligence and thoughtfulness while advocating for his constituents. He has been a welcome addition to the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee, the Community and Economic Development Committee and the Public Safety Committee, as well as the full Common Council. His work to revitalize the city’s economy and add jobs has been admirable. We believe that Hamilton has much potential as an alderman and ask that voters re-elect him to the Common Council.

Patrick Flaherty Is the Best Choice in the Third District
East Side and Riverwest voters have a clear choice in the Third District race: Patrick Flaherty would best represent this area’s progressive, solution-focused residents.

Flaherty has an impressive history of working as a leader on issues important to the Third District and the city in general. Flaherty has successfully run nonprofits; we trust him to make sound economic and financial decisions for the city. We believe that he would fight for the best interests of all of his constituents—not just the ones who make the most noise at meetings.

What’s more, Flaherty has run a positive, honest, professional campaign, and that is refreshing. Third District voters have an easy choice in this race: It’s Flaherty.

Support Bauman on the East Side
Robert Bauman in the Fourth District has earned our endorsement. Bauman may have his detractors for his personal style, but he is a good alderman on the most important issues facing the East Side. He is a strong advocate for mass transit options, including the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter rail line.

Bauman should be re-elected to the Common Council.

Brenda Pullen-O’Donnell Is the Best Candidate
Fifth District voters should back challenger Brenda Pullen-O’Donnell. Again, this is another easy choice. Pullen-O’Donnell would be a strong advocate for her constituents and her background at MPS could help the city play a more important role in educating and nurturing our youth. She is challenging incumbent James Bohl, who has proved to be highly divisive and unnecessarily abrasive. This personal style does nothing positive for the district. In fact, it prevents Bohl from working with his colleagues and other leaders to find solutions.

The district would be wise to replace him with an alderwoman who is more thoughtful and willing to find common ground with other decision-makers.

Return Willie Wade to the Common Council
Seventh District Alderman Willie Wade isn’t the most outspoken alderman on the council, but in his low-key way he can be counted on to stand up for his constituents and do the right thing. Wade has been involved in revitalizing the former Tower Automotive site, which will restore jobs in the area, as well as sparking future development. Wade, who worked for the Milwaukee Public Schools for 19 years, helped to set up a college scholarship fund for inner-city youth, an initiative that we obviously applaud.

Henry Hamilton Deserves Ninth District Support
The Shepherd endorses Henry Hamilton III in the Ninth District. Hamilton has extensive experience in social justice causes, but he also has extensive experience in the legal field as an attorney, a city prosecutor and as a magistrate judge and federal administrative judge. We believe that this background is broader than the incumbent alderman’s experience with the Milwaukee Police Department. Hamilton would be a positive addition to the Common Council, where he could advocate for community solutions to the city’s safety and economic problems.

Murphy Still Works Hard for His Constituents
Michael Murphy has served his 10th District constituents since 1989, and this is one longtime incumbent who still has the energy, independence and innovative ideas that make him an effective, honest public servant.

Murphy is frequently voted the Best Alderman in the Shepherd Express Best Of polls because of his commonsense approach to tackling the city’s problems.

Hines Has Been an Effective Leader
Willie Hines Jr. should be re-elected in the 15th District. As president of the Milwaukee Common Council, Hines has helped to bring stability to a body that was mired in scandal. Hines has remained independent, devoted to his constituents and is unafraid to challenge the mayor on various issues. Hines also has shown sound judgment on using city resources to spur development and we believe that he can help the Common Council become a catalyst for positive change in the next term.

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