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Tom Uttech Returns to Folliard Gallery

Art Preview

Feb. 7, 2011
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On Feb. 12 at 1 p.m. Tom Uttech arrives at Tory Folliard Gallery to kick off his eighth solo exhibition there, “Tom Uttech: Boreal Conversations.” The exhibit features the artist’s signature oil and linen canvases. Uttech’s solitary, northern landscapes harbor evergreen forests and native animals. Fortunately for those who admire and collect Uttech’s paintings, the magical scenes continue to be featured in handmade frames constructed and embellished by Uttech.

These two-dozen new works carry Uttech’s original vision forward, perhaps into a foreboding future. The fresh images capture less densely populated landscapes than previously seen, now often inhabited by a lone, ghostly white bear, moose or wolf. The pine trees tangle in curious curves, many with more dead branches than alive. Mist among clouded skies and water makes for a moody presence. Is Uttech creating a portrait of an evolving environment in which this territory will eventually disappear?

The exhibit’s title speaks to a conversation regarding the boreal areas, a name derived from Boreas, Greek god of the north wind, who mythically reigns over these fragile ecosystems. Uttech’s landscapes—10 small oils along with several large ones and pastels drawn and placed over prints—arouse mystical and meditative feelings. The immense paintings are extremely powerful while the diminutive images draw in the eye and soul. New viewers of Uttech’s work will marvel at the enigmatic qualities of these paintings, and those familiar with the artist will applaud him for challenging himself to add these elusive landscapes to his artistic journey.

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