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Kevin Mulvenna

Home Is My Harbor

Feb. 15, 2011
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Muskego’s Kevin Mulvenna may be a Parrothead, but he's an unusually reflective and tuneful one. As his album's title indicates, he's comfortable—if a tad wistful—in the domesticity that comes with being a husband and father. His country/folk/pop amalgam meshes well with tales of past carousing, current responsibility and the tension between the two. Production assistance by John Inmon of Texas folk-rock crazies The Lost Gonzo Band adds a commercially approachable sheen to the proceedings that could serve Mulvenna well in garnering airplay. Even if he doesn't ascend to the heights of his Margaritaville hero, Mulvenna's heartfelt, catchy songs are sure to resonate with others coming to grips with similar life experiences. 


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