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Something To Do

Souvenir (Trapdoor)

Mar. 24, 2011
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Milwaukee's Something To Do makes catchy, anthemic, horn-driven rock. Though they have released music for nearly a decade now, they still sound like teens—as snotty as they are smart, even as they pound out a stomping, reggae/marching band ode to Red Stripe Beer and remake a Billy Idol oldie whose original recording may predate the birth of any given band member. And give them credit for being one of the first Wisconsin rock acts to record a song about Chuck Norris. The group is likely sick of premature death notices of third wave ska (which they practice with such wit). It may not be the faddish thing it was toward the end of the '90s, but it's a pleasure to hear these guys successfully broaching fun new terrain out of a style that commercial alt rock radio has passed on. Next time, more than an EP, please, OK, boys?


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