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As We Grow Older Together

Mar. 27, 2011
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We do not mention it, ever,
yet every morning we study each other,
and although each of us surely suspects,
we say nothing about it,

yet every morning we study each other,
searching for any new and suspicious
never-before-noticed tremble or quaver;
without saying anything we watch what we do,

and when we start talking we track our words,
alert for any fresh memory collapse,
any phrase that unravels and trails off to no end
or runs headlong away, then limps into mumble,

and after we’ve carefully studied each other
we sigh with relief, happy to find
we can go on as before a least one day more,
so we say “Good morning” and give thanks it is good.

Jack Anderson is a poet and dance writer whose tenth book of poetry, Getting Lost in a City Like This, has recently been published by Hanging Loose Press. His dance writing can be found in print at the Dancing Times (London) and The New York Times and online at New York Theatre Wire.  Janet Lilly has choreographed this poem and will dance it at a combined poetry and dance event on Thursday, March 31st, at 7:00 PM in UWM’s Mitchell Hall, Room 254.  The event is free and open to the public.


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