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Food Network at Miller Park

Also: New app lets you order from your phone

Mar. 29, 2011
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The upscale concession-food trend hasn't hit Miller Park as hard as other baseball stadiums, some of which now offer options like Caesar salads, panini sandwiches and even sushi, but this season Brewers fans burned out on hot dogs and nachos will have at least one new fancier option. Continuing the expansion of its brand, the Food Network is introducing a high-end steak sandwich at Miller Park and seven other stadiums.

The Red, White & Blue steak sandwich is served on a rustic French roll and topped with Maytag blue cheese and a spicy/sweet Peppadew-pepper mayonnaise. The network has also created localized versions of the sandwich for each city. Milwaukee's pairs the steak with "a sharp and hoppy beer cheese." That's a relatively safe variation of the sandwich compared to Detroit's, which includes banana-pepper mayonnaise and feta cheese, or San Diego's, which uses mayo and spicy kimchi.

The sandwiches will cost $9.50 at Miller Park. In other markets, they'll cost up to $14. A representative for Food Network said the company is considering expanding its concessions line in the future.

In a separate innovation at Miller Park this year, a new smartphone app will allow customers to skip the register at four concessions stands. Available for iPhone, Android, Palm and BlackBerry phones, the Bypass Lane app lets customers order and pay for their food and drinks with a credit card. The app sends them a text message when their order is ready to be picked up.


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