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Live at the Café Carpe (Signature Sounds)

Mar. 28, 2011
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Redbird is a rare creature: a very part-time "souper" group cooked up on a common tour but gelled as a delicious goulash at Café Carpe, the beloved restaurant-music venue in Fort Atkinson that helped birth the careers of all three of the group's singer-songwriters. Peter Mulvey's voice is like a loofah bar on your neck and brain, Jeffrey Foucault's creaks like the broken door to your heart and Kris Delmhorst's is melted-cheese luscious. Amid them, guitarist David Goodrich sparkles. They're soulful and so laid-back they might've actually been dangling their feet in the Rock River outside the cafe. They toss out brilliant originals, folk-country covers, Tin Pan Alley standards, troubadour odes from a misty past and a famous Milwaukee beer song.


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