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Shadow Stash

Apr. 10, 2011
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Early every April
we enter our woods
and gather pine shadows.
We peel them
cold and wet
off the surface of the snow
and fold them
into deep, clear bags.
The shadows feel
like wet nylons.
We use twist ties
to close each bag.
We carry the bags to the garage,
heap them in a corner.
Usually we get five bags.
Hot August afternoons
we pull them out, all
the long, cool, blue shadows
and prop them up
around our lawn chairs
in the backyard.
We drink lemonade
and shiver
in the delicious shade.

Linda Aschbrenner, Marshfield, Wisconsin, edited and published the poetry journal Free Verse for 11 years. In 2001 she founded Marsh River Editions, a publisher of chapbooks. Her poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in a number of publications including California Quarterly, Cats Magazine, and Yankee. "Shadow Stash" first appeared in the Wisconsin Poets' Calendar 2008.


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